I love traditions if only to research their origins.. the true stories from which they have arrived to our homes and survived generations


One such is the famous Halloween witch… the scary evil woman appearing before us that haunts our dreams and decorates our yards on this night… ever wonder about her? Who was she? Did she have a family? Why does she look the way she does?


Behind those distorted facial features lie hidden the secret dark history of her life. Most witches were women who had the gift of divination and fortune telling… a remarkable gift as they connected to their divine femine energy… yet the unbalanced men who were afraid of these talents chose to destroy her instead of cultivating their own power through exploring their own divine feminine nature and chose to wipe her out of history…. the Salem witch trials… the Spanish inquisition and many such dark historical events were actions of a scared masculine run amok


Her ragged clothes represented days of torture and her dignity being robbed as she was dragged to torture rooms


Her few teeth were the remnants of being beaten in the face by fists of hatred


Her blood shot eyes were of countless sleepless nights before her death


Her torn strewed up hair from the hands that abused her as she was stolen from her home and family in the cover of darkness


Her knurled up boney fingers that once touched flowers, were from malnutrition and being fractured by her tormentors


Her once beautiful hands that helped in service now broken and dirty


Her wobbly legs a result of being beaten repeatedly by chains and whips and hot iron


Any light that was once there revealing an enlightened soul.. now extinguished amongst a soiled sickly green face


Her only freedom was to be burned to release her soul.. the firey bonfire stakes were the perfect set up to cover these atrocities in the name of saving her from the perceived evil.. but the true evil was the darkness that lay in the heart of man.


Her tall pointed cap was the last reminder of her wisdom to bring divine knowledge from all high to the people as the triangle shaped hat depicts.. from above to below… now tattered and ripped to shreds


Her broom as a reminder to sweep magic energy from east to west lay in pieces


Her skillful tool of the 3 petal flower to ward off malevolent spirits was tossed away in the river… leaving old traditions by the wayside on the dusty roads of ignorance.


Never ignore traditions… for they tell a story of the symbolism of old… wisdom passed down in the form of fables and tales of yore not as warnings but of our origins….


Never forget the sacred witch and what was done to her in the name of false pretenses to mask the fear that lies in the minds of humanity


Thank you for your sacrifice oh witch… your life was not in vain as the divine feminine returns to reclaim the balance in the hearts of humanity once more


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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