Crazy life situations are unavoidable. Our reactions to them on the other hand are in our control. Yet there are those that are downright too terrible to comprehend and fear patterns set in for all concerned and especially for children.


The recent shootings at schools has led to much controversy on the pros and cons of gun ownership. But this post is not about that. That debate will never be settled. I choose to look at the long term psychological impact on many families and their future choices of institutional schooling versus home schooling.


Yet fundamentally as humans even seeing this news on the TV leads to serious psychological imbalances and effects our trust in the system and the world. How do we get that trust back? How do we adjust our perceptions to feel safe again?


Safety comes from our deepest need to feel protected that began in the womb. Our cells overwhelmed with the desire to reach out into the world but with complete authority and grow. We can argue till we are blue in the face who is to blame and out of our paranoia we will create all sorts of regulations that enforce that greater level of security. But does it all work? Time will tell.


Anything can happen just crossing the street or driving a car or simply getting out of bed. No one can predict the day, we hope for the best.


No one can prepare for these kind of situations mentally or emotionally. But we have the ability to explore the feelings that come up after the fact. Humans at the very core are beautiful and divine beings, nestled in a body that is too fragile for the environment and with minds that are over protective yet fickle.


It is when we are trapped within the mind that we lose our ability to trust and feel safe. It is through the trauma that we learn to grow and heal.




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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