Be like the sun.


There are times when I am stepping on egg shells around other people’s feelings, or not daring to speak up when I know I should in fear of what they might say. I would hide my truth. In essence I would hide myself from shining.


I am reminded of the star that we see each day.


It doesn’t apologize for who or what it is.


It doesn’t stop shining just in case someone on earth might complain and say it is too hot.


it doesn’t stop spreading its light to every corner of the solar system


It too is alone in the darkness of space, and does not stop being who it is because it is in the dark or alone.


No it does what it has been designed to do.


And it does it with love. Unconditionally.


So too I would encourage you to do the same.


Unapologetically shine your light. Especially in the face of inauthenticity.


The sun burns up the shadows as it casts light upon it.


The darkness of our fears are extinguished as the shadow vanishes.


Be badass like the sun.


It holds its presence amongst the cosmos while the planets orbit its majesty. Not out of fear but respect and gravity of the sun’s power. Same too will you hold the presence of those around you, when you shine your true light. Those who dare to listen and see you will gravitate towards you.


You are born of the stellar winds and star dust.


Act like it .


Be like the sun.


i love you

Author: Brown Knight

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