Chapter 5 The forsaken pills

There are those who thrive on consuming pills. I am not one of them. I cannot stand pills. Well that which I feared was promptly manifest when I ended up taking almost 29 pills during the height of my illness phase of covid. This included supplements, antivirals, immune boosters, steroids among many others.

We have a pill for literally everything these days. A cough ? We have a pill to suppress that. Not feeling great? We have a pill to lift us up. Feeling too excitable? We have a pill to bring us back down. Not enough head hair? ( well lets not go there at the moment ! Lol) But there is a pill for every ill.

Yet the body provides us with enough wisdom and warning to give us the opportunity to get ourselves back into balance. After all, the mental or physical illnesses we experience are essentially out of balance wellness states. And our symptoms and signs are our guides to explore what is really happening behind the scenes.

If we ignore them, then illness sets it and we eat pills for breakfast, lunch and dinner and sometimes before those times too. I am not a fan of pills. I am a fan of interpreting the cues of the body to be able to heal myself and others. SO what happened ? why did I fall sick when I had abstained from getting this virus for over 2 years despite constant exposure in the healthcare setting?

The big reason was my dropping my immunity when I was under stress. Between excess training, lack of sleep, eating overall healthy but not enough, overreaching challenges that I know I was not ready for, and so many other work and family stressors, that I was not paying attention to my body’s signs. Hindsight is always 20/20 and I see them all now. I had dropped out of the flow of life and purpose. This sickness and shut down was the necessary step the universe interacting with my body had to take to get me back to center and balance. I got carried away with life’s mundaneness and perceived life through my mind and not living it through my heart.

My big fear was to live a life with pills. Yet I have a greater appreciation now what my patients go through in terms of living their lives pill based. Many a time I see my patients complaining that they take so many pills that they cannot afford real food. So at times succumb to cheap junk food that is loaded with salt and sugar, which land them back into the hospital and then more pills are added to their regimen. The cycle of healthcare and sickness continues with perpetual disempowerment. Many a time half of the pills in the medicine cabinet take care of the side effects of the other half of the pills on the shelf.

That was it. The feeling of being disempowered by pills and healthcare. That is was I truly feared. And here I was, fallen into the same trap I was afraid of falling into. Glad to note I am down to a few pills of vitamins now. Yet I prefer to supplement the vitamins and minerals through whole foods and not through packaged and compressed pills.

Nothing can replace a well balanced mind and body to prevent illness, after all, one causes the other. Yet there is still life that happens, and it is wise to explore the flow and not one day just fill that life with pharmaceuticals to be consumed all day long.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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