Today is 2 22 22. A palindrome ! The date is unique in that it is read forward and backwards and remains the same. Such dates are rare.

In numerology the 22 is a master number and the fact that it recurs today is not only rare but filled with opportunity. 22 22 is representation of harmony and serenity signifying an equilibrium. The number 2 has important qualities. In some cultures it represents the divine feminine initiating both grace and power, and yet as a master number it is auspicious as the symbol for the master alchemist.

There is no doubt that we live in a time to be inspired to create a global vision, and begin to shape the future on an enormous scale. Yet any such grand vision or mission begins with one step.

Each number represents a spectrum of energies. And when many recur, they are more potent and since the universe interacts with each of us uniquely, the numbers may be interpreted as focussed messages to be unwound and integrated into our lives as guidance.

So 22 22 buried in today’s date can be interpreted as finding the balance in partnerships, and the coming together of people and ideas through diplomacy, yet with harmony and teamwork to bring about a world goal. Which ever side you look at the number it begins with a 2. ( 2 2222 or 2222 2) So with the divine feminine of grace and power these thoughts are initiated.

Or perhaps it is just a pure coincidence of rarity of these numerical sequence and a number is nothing more than a counting on an awestruck child’s finger or on an abacus or a playful topic of conversation. Or perhaps there is more to understanding how our lives interact with sacred geometry of mathematics from which the universe was born with purpose and intention.

I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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