Welcome to the magic of the Snow full moon. Once described by the cultures of old to represent the peak winter where the ground is blanketed by the snow, it affords us to explore what is going on beneath the surface.




Below things are heating up figuratively as we approach spring in a month ( or so), yet metaphysically within each of us we are called to stoke those fires of our desires, goals, dreams and begin to take the steps towards action.




Our destiny is perceived as something that is far off in the distance waiting to be had with pomp and fanfare yet it is actually within our grasp in a quiet space within our heart space. This energetic shift of the moon engages with us to understand that it is time to let go and simply move forward in action, with purpose.




This moment is a gift to discover our journey from a simpler place and redefine our programming from within. Feel through the emotions bubbling to the surface and hold attention to the cues. Allow those thoughts to stay in a state of focus and recreate anew the ideas that will take us to the next level.




Life occurs between the dance of our fears and our desires. This moon is allowing us the opportunity to hold that dance with reverence and sacred joy and to manifest by bringing the pendulum of our minds in balance and aligned to our purpose.




To assist in bringing these potencies to the day I created an invocation.




“ I release all that no longer serves




I welcome the realm of possibility




I enter this sacred space of my future with the clarity of thought and word




I act upon my heart’s desire




I am in alignment with my Highest purpose




I make way for my vision to come to pass”




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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