So the message from all world religions seems to be the same, yet this message is always distorted and leads to you or me and not WE, in other words it makes humans divisive and not unified.


This leads to breaks in friendships, families, neighborhoods, cities, countries and the world with penultimate wars. The unification only occurs within one religious category and not universally across the board.


Yet again the message is the same with the same fundamental goal, Love.


Religion is man interpreted with a twisted sense of the spiritual message. Religion is important though to at least make humanity aware that there is divinity.


Spirituality connects humanity to its own divinity and in doing so realizes the Universal Divinity.


So what is spirituality ? It is the truth within that we for eons have chosen not to remember so that one day we do remember and understand it and then with wonder and awe return home.


This is the awakening process of ascension.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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