Chapter 3 What was in the doctor’s bag?

I have been asked by many what medications and healing modalities I used during my illness. I will share them now so that if anyone you know or heaven forbid you need it for yourself, it may come in handy.

There are many in the medical community who may disagree with these ideas or protocols. That is ok. Yet be reminded and assured that the vast majority of the salient portions of the protocols were devised by active practicing leaders of modern day health care. Covid has brought about much controversy in the correct treatment. There isn’t just ONE.

There have been plenty of illnesses that modern medicine thought had the right drug or treatment to now years later realizing they were lethal and in error. How many did not get alternative treatments that would have been lifesaving?

This is a time when the best treatment is provided by those who can truly see the bigger picture of both sides of all treatments and do not remain polarized to a unilateral doctrine. What I outline below is exactly what I have done for myself and would advise others as clients or patients. I believe that experience is the greatest medicine for it is then applied as wisdom.

Covid is not just an infection. It is also an inflammatory reaction with the body that needs tending. There are 3 phases. ( see pic included)

When I start feeling ill or if there is a cough involved I usually start off with Vicks vapor rub to the SOLES of the feet. An old grandmothers tale applied across many cultures, but works like a charm, including for children. Its roots are in Reflexology.

To keep IMMUNE system aided I did Zinc 100mg a day, VIT C 2000mg a day ( some have also used IV VIT C infusions during active illness ), VIT D 10000 units ( high dose). Magnesium supplements, Cumin black seed is tablets, Quercitin, Bee prolis spray, N Acetylcysteine tablets.

For a preventative basis I would recommend VIT C 1000mg a day, Zinc, lower dose VIT D ( especially if one cannot get enough sunlight exposure), VIT A rich fruits and vegetables, hydration.

When I started falling sick I did lots of warm salt water gargles to keep the throat clean, especially since salt water is an antiseptic. I did lots of HYDRATION ( cannot stress that enough), I did bone broth that has plenty of minerals and nutrients. Additionally I DIDNOT DO any foods with sugar, excess salt or junk food or things like Gatorade that is loaded with sugar. I used other electrolyte repleting fluids eg Tailwind. I also ate lots of superfoods and added protein powder to my smoothie to help aid in repair.

When I was in the throes of the sickness I was prescribed Hydroxychloroquine ( Ivermectin was also an option , but HCQ was faster to get ) Azithromycin 500mg x1 then 250mg x 4 days. Due to the fact that the covid had effected my breathing and my sats started dropping well low 89% I was then started on oral Prednisone 40mg a day for 7 to 10 days and immediately on Budesonide steroid nebulizer form twice a day ( 14 days ). Albuterol inhaler was started only if I could not catch my breath while attempting to ambulate.

One of the most important treatments that is not talked about but was introduced to my regime by my brother-in-law and father in law who are physicians in India who deal with a lot of covid patients are BREATHING EXERCISES.

PRONE BREATHING. Lying on your belly and just breathing for 20minutes at time and repeating a few times a day
Incentive spirometer was a Godsend. I did it ( and still doing it) 10 times at least twice daily, sometimes thrice.
Practicing yogic breathing techniques

Anytime there was sunshine I opened the blinds and took off my shirt for greater exposure. We underestimate the power of sunlight to rejuvenate our spirits and bodies.

I was also the beneficial recipient of several potent energy healers who sent healing. Always helpful in times of stress. Never ignore its power to heal.

Moreover I spent time meditating. Focussing on being present with what was going on. Observing the emotions that came up, processed them, released and integrated back to wholeness. Staying in GRATITUDE is a profound healing accelerant for the mind and body and heart.

REST and SLEEP are paramount for illness recovery.

The wild card in all this immunity. Regardless of vaccination status or mask usage status, I have seen a huge variety of clinical presentations. Right from people being sick for just a few days to few weeks, to months to dying. Co-morbidities unleashed can create havoc for a body system that is already struggling with illness. It all starts with how robust our immunity is prior and during and then after the illness. Keeping it high and strong is the key in all of this.

As always use correct judgement. I stayed out of the hospital by choice, but if one is too sick or getting sicker or not healing, then seek out a healthcare professionals’ care and/or goto the hospital. There are plenty of docs who can help either using front line critical care treatment protocols or even other standard of care modalities. The idea is to get better and get the right care. Never be afraid to check up on friends and family and just ask.

I was fortunate to have had the tools and people at the right time to help me, not everyone does at the right time. We are all wise to stay alert to help someone in case of need, despite the isolation state of affairs. It is through communication that we can help our fellow human.

Only thing I would have changed in this regime I listed was to have started the antivirals on day 1 and not wait till day 6 when I was really sick. My ego was hoping it could cash checks that my body could not handle. I know who finally won.

Hope this helps.

I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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