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Happy spring equinox

The spring equinox arrives right on schedule, as is the case with divine timing. A new beginning is manifest after an era of darkness of the lonely winter where we all have hibernated within to explore the depths of our innermost shadows. It is a time for a sacred gathering as we spring forward and birth a new future.

The slow tempo of the cold harsh winter is quickened by the forces of nature as she awakens to a new dawn. Daylight and night are of equal length on this event as is the appearance of balance of our outer and inner worlds. Nature holds much magic of creation and manifestation in her grasp as the ground shifts, the winter frost melts and allows the universal constant of change to take the reins of the next season.

For each of us the long dark season behind us was an opportunity to ponder, contemplate, and meditate so that we may grow and bring forth new ideas and skills to forge and share with the world in this new season of energy, vitality and magic.

This vernal equinox or Ostara allows us to prepare on the cusp as the wrath of the winter is abandoned as is a shed skin, inviting the warmth of the sun rays to pierce our hearts into action and fertility of thought, word and deed.

Feel the power of the awakening and rebirth of the season. Feel it in the bones, feel it in the cells, feel it in the heart.

Trust in the sacred crucible of life and nature as it flows with our dreams, goals and we allow ourselves to surrender and merge with the new.

Happy Spring equinox


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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