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Final full moon 2020

Welcome loves to the final full moon of 2020. What an amazing year of moon energies it had been. Opening up the shadows of our inner most fears, wounds and allowing healing light into the darkness. We each carry heavy burdens in our DNA and our minds from times long ago and eras past, but in each moment it is a choice to put down the weights and reflect on the opportunities in the present and ahead.

It is a time to allow the moon light to help guide our path into the new year. The potent energy to harness and to summon that strength and magic within to illuminate the road ahead.

Feel that heaviness of the year, breathe into that inner space, allow the heart beat of the moment fill you up with the magic of the future. Let that burden wash away just as the water laps on the shores, gently nourishing and restoring the mind, body, heart and soul.

To this end I have created another powerful invocation to help with the energies of this full moon. repeat x3

“ I surrender to the magic of this star of the night

I allow my own inner light to meet you under the dark sky

I let go of all ills, wounds and hurts of the year past

I embrace the power of my destiny with purpose

I inhale the light and exhale my dreams created with love

I am the power of the divine in physical form

I channel this energy for the greater good of humanity and the world in this year ahead

My path is my own and I see it with ever greater clarity

And so I become whole each day and dissolve each night

For I am always me in magic and light”


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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