Being alive and what it means to me?

Alive means the coursing of warm blood in my veins.

Alive means the breathing in of cold air as it fills my senses

Alive means the firing of my neurons with wisdom

Alive means the feel of the earth below my feet.

Alive means the grip of a barbel in my fingers.

Alive means the taste of water down my throat.

Alive means the lick of the first snowflake of winter

Alive means the seeing the piercing sun ray during a sunrise.

Alive means feeling of water over my body in a a hot shower.

Alive means feeling the heat of a fever.

Alive means the understanding of poetry

Alive means to hold a new born child in my arms.

Alive means to feel the beating of my heart at the end of a workout

Alive means to feel the ache of every part of me after a long run

Alive means hear to orchestra playing in perfect harmony.

Alive means to offer love unconditionally.

Alive is all this and yet none of it at once.

Alive is the deafening silence of the night under a beautiful moonlight.

I will miss being alive when I leave this world, for I have wanted to experience all this before I came here. And now that I have, I long for my journey home. I am not of this world nor of the next. I am the in between traveler of worlds with-in and with- out time and space. I have still much to learn, so my journey is not complete.

I am alive. I am alive now.

I am that I am

Your powerful ally

Dr Bhatnagar


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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