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Funny story

Funny short story.

I am in the office and the next scheduled patient visit popped up. It is a Telehealth VIDEO visit.

The app on my laptop signals that it is time to connect and so I pull up her chart on the electronic medical record onto the screen and review it quickly. The green light turns on informing me that she is ready to receive my activation code. I hit the start button on my screen to activate the visit and we both can now see each other on the screen.

“ Hi Ms X how are you?

“ hi Doc,i am ok”

I was a little surprised as I thought she would be at home as I thought that was the number my app had dialed. It was in fact her smart phone. She looked like she was in the car driving no less as she appeared a little distracted as she looked down at the phone and then back up elsewhere.

“ Where are you ?” I asked.

“ At the bank drive through Dr Bhatnagar” she replied.

We both laughed as it was quite amusing to have an office visit while she was doing chores.

“ Isn’t this funny, you taking me with you to the bank?” I jested.

“ We cant go in at the moment so you are stuck with me here in the car” she retorted.

“ Isn’t this convenient? Your cardiologist in the palm of your hand, available in person at the touch of a button on your phone” I remarked as I realized that I was probably the size of a her thumb on her phone in a little animated box.

“ Yes it is doc, very handy indeed, I can get to the bank and not miss my visits with you “ she amusingly replied.

I wondered at that moment how modern technology is able to expand my reach to help even more people beyond the barriers of the sterility of the doctors office patient room yet still be able to keep me and the patient in contact. Granted the physical exam could not be done, but I do not doubt that the age will come when the experimental technologies now will enhance that experience and attempt to recreate the magic of the sacredness of healing process.

Perhaps the healing process is not limited to being in close proximity with the patient. 🙂 I know this to be a true fact as an energetic medicine practitioner as well. Time and space are immaterial when the energetics of healing are set in motion.

Either way it was amusing how quickly I became the “doctor in the palm of the hand on the go” much as one would order a coffee at the drive through or ask for the beer on tap at a restaurant. Speed is not everything, but it is something in this age of technology, that I am forced to embrace with effort.

Perhaps one day I can access all my patients from the comfort of my hammock as I rock back and forth in the gentle breeze at a far off beach on a bright summers day. One day.

For now I will be content to serve from the comfort of my desktop in the confines of the 4 walls of my sterile office.

But I can still dream.

Your powerful ally

Dr Bhatnagar


I love you

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