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Full moon lunar eclipse

Another eclipse arrives this weekend. A power packed corridor of transformations, and shifts in 3 eclipses over this last 2 month period. These shifts are potent and completes the cycle along this particular axis of light. The full moon lunar eclipse is welcomed as it not only energizes us to the next quantum level yet brings great benefits. An up leveling does not occur without us clearing the old, and so our burdens are lightened as we walk through this entrance.

It is a choice for each of us whether we do the inner work or whether we skate on by hoping for a miracle. It is the former that will give our life meaning and purpose as we strive towards our next vision.

Best question to ask at this moment is “what are you holding on to that no longer serves you?”

This is a magical time to feel our Soul guides whispering in our heart’s ear for guidance when we feel that uncertainty of that next step as we walk this path of light. We tap into our unconscious to bring our feelings back into right alignment with the present via this lunar eclipse. We open up that which is hidden and bring it into the light as we begin another cycle of transformation.

There is much uncertainty in the world as we witness the global events, yet there is much certainty within us to map out our own path and destiny. As timelines collapse and new ones are being born in the quantum field, we are given the opportunity to go deep and with each release of entangled energies, become weightless and “light” as we ascend. Our notions of time and space continue to expand and contract and dissolve as we move to a higher dimension of existence.

The mind searches for answers yet the heart once fully open has all this and more. Trust in self and the universe to traverse this cosmic roadmap by navigating from the heart space of love and not the head space of doubt and logic. As we tap into our subconscious with the spade of this lunar phenomenon pay attention to the emotional upheavals that arise. In each rise lies a question with a paired answer that is part of the delicate balance of the equation of the heart.

So for this full moon eclipse I have created another potent invocation. Get grounded, sit relaxed and repeat 3x. Blessings.

“ I ask for guidance from without

I ask for understanding from within

I open up my heart to the wisdom that has always been

What was once a mystery, is now transformed into clarity

I move forward in my journey Through time and space

I let go of that no longer serves this phase

I am complete and whole

I welcome my gifts of this immortal soul”


Blessings of love and light

Your powerful ally

Dr Bhatnagar


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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