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Writing a love letter

I had a asked a question the other day

“ When was the last time you wrote a love letter to yourself?”

I was surprised that the overwhelming response was “never”. Does this mean that we do not love ourselves? Perhaps at times we do not. Perhaps at times we remember our faults greater than our victories. We care to keep ourselves as victims of our surroundings. At times it may even appear that we loathe who we have become secretly as we roam the parts of our minds that dare to control the freedom of our hearts.

Or more optimistically perhaps we do care about ourselves enough yet the heart chooses to have that feed back. It longs to know that we do love ourselves not just in the brightest of days yet also in the darkest of nights. Not just when things are going well for us, but also when the world is harsh and the decisions cruel, that we can stand up and still love ourselves for the choices that we make.

The heart burns with the desire to be loved not just by others who see us, and witness us for who we are and as we are, but that flame yearns for the mind and body to be unison as it responds in kind with love for the heart itself. For you see, the heart too requires to be seen, to be held and to be loved.

The best way for this feed back is to write a letter. If you have never written one, I can help you. It requires the unlocking of the state of gratitude for oneself in all conditions and experiences. This may necessitate careful facilitation of the key to break the mindsets that hold the chains round this magnificent beating engine. Reaching a point of unconditional love may seem tricky, yet is not insurmountable. Turning that handle to open the doors the heart may be one fo the hardest thing that many of us have ever done. But turn it we must, and peer into what lies on the other side.

And then from a balanced state, the penmanship begins.

Dear my heart

I come to this moment after many a lifetime of horror and trauma. I come to you with open hands as I hold you with care. I come to you with open eyes as I witness you completely.

I am grateful for this moment to connect with you.

I have ignored you, I have hurt you on many an occasion, having never seen your pain. You called out, but I chose not to respond.

You ached I chose not to shelter you.

Yet throughout my life, when I have hurt, or shouted with pain or ached for the blood shot noise of the world to be drowned out , you were there to give me solace. You were there to show me that I deserved respect. You never left my side in any lifetime as I limped back to existence. You taught me that the world is a beautiful place filled with wonder and hope.

My dear heart you taught me to see once again that which I had forgotten to observe. You opened up my senses and cleared my mind to the possibilities of “what could be “and not what I was told “what could not”.

You allowed me to heal, and breathe fresh sweet air. You taught me the power of the belief in me, that I had erased through all my wounds. You taught me the magic of life flowed through me.

I will love you forever, and love you for always.

thank you for being my most precious heart.

I love you

Signed XXXXX


When we connect back to our heart, we open the quantum realities of all possibilities within our lives. We transform our relationships, our physical and mental health, our careers, our successes at the very fundamental level of the cell, when we unclog our minds, and unlock our hearts.

There are many secrets that lie within….

Is it time for you to write your love letter?

Your powerful ally

Dr Bhatnagar


I love you

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