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Challenges are needed

It is easy to get dejected and upset when faced with difficult times financially, emotionally, in a relationship, in a job, during an illness. I sometimes feel that not enough faith was the cause of my suffering. Or perhaps karma was the cause. Yet again numerous other societal and cultural ideas come to play as reasons to place blame for my difficulties.

I try to always remember that these difficult situations are not happening TO me, but in fact are happening FOR me. These scenarios are not there to hurt but to heal. They are presented for me to learn, experience and grow. Similarly these challenges are present to polish me to become a better jewel.

I need every challenge I can get my hands on. It is these that shall refine me make me shine. If I had no challenge or difficult time, then I would have zero reason to try to become better, self improve or connect to anything around me that is greater that myself.

We always want to be on the leading edge of life to progress and evolve. It is called a “leading edge” not the ” leading sofa. ” To step out of my comfort zone has been the hardest thing I have ever done. In some aspects of life I am still exploring the outer limits of my zone, yet in others I have surpassed them.

In every difficulty lies opportunity.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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