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Energetic months ahead

There is magic all around us. This emanates from within and around the cosmos. We are embarking on a beautiful mission of awakening that began long ago. We are engulfed by the cosmic rays from the very center of our galaxy, the stars, the planets, and all the celestial bodies as we are tightly embraced with infinite frequencies of light.

We enter a powerful and amplified corridor of shifts of potentiality as we kick off with the June 5 Lunar Eclipse, followed by the June 2 Solar eclipse, july 5 Lunar eclipse and the Aug 8/8 Lionsgate portal of Sirius. I am not an astrologer, yet I feel energy deeply. So do you. The turmoil of emotions and world events are far from over as the stew of our consciousness continues to be stirred for the perfect flavor to emerge.

There is a tremendous energy that is building up not just this weekend but the whole week and months ahead, in order to catapult us to the future. What that future looks like, is entirely in our hands. These eclipses allow the galactic photonic light to ripple through out our lives and engaging our cellular DNA. Since time and space is occurring simultaneously, this light is also synchronously effecting our past and future timelines.

There will be unresolved core wounds, karmic programming , emotional upheavals,that will require time and space to be cleared and quiet contemplation In the storm that is waging on within us. This is a gentle reminder than the cosmic transformative light that saturates us is here for our benefit and not our harm as it may seem too much to bear at times within this alchemy.

Each of these portal gateways are like a toll booth to the next level of ascension. The deeper one goes within to clear past relationships and traumas the greater the freedom to ascend, as one become lighter of the emotional and karmic baggage that may hold one in check.

We are constantly as a pendulum swings from polarities to our zero point within our hearts as we sync to the galactic center’s zero point of energy field. An opportunity like this is rare to be able to self govern and so influence the global collective to restore a balanced harmonic field. To be able to step through this inter dimensional doorway of potentiality takes courage and wisdom.

It is wise to remember that the direction of our own ascension is in our hands each day. Honor that process and trust it. We are emerging from our shelters with heavy burdens. Putting them down gently is to honor ourselves and the burdens that we have held onto for eons. The world is on pause as we have this measurable gift to let go. Our journey to ourselves is one not to be taken lightly and the next few months will be a testimonial to this path.

“Each day we explore the sacredness of becoming a divine human.”-Dr Bhatnagar

Your powerful ally

Dr Bhatnagar


I love you

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