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a tale of 2 hearts

A tale of 2 hearts.

Somewhere in the forest, the fall of a branch is echoed by the sound of 2 hearts breaking. Each hurting with pain and in reflexive recoil spite hurts the other. The rift grows and they move apart. The second hand of the clock feels like it slows in the anguish.

As time goes on, the distance apart grows wider, and the din of sorrow dies down and the birds come out to sing. One day the 2 hearts return back to each other to explore what was left of themselves on the forest floor. Unknowingly they see each other and choose to rekindle what they once had.

Soon the old unhealed wounds clash and tear wide open as the memories of the past come flooding back. They retreat once more with brandish words and spit of fire. Each heart trying to protect itself from being injured again.

One day this cycle repeats as both hearts return to the loose leaf collection of abandoned memories where they once met. It seems like a lifetime of hurts lay undisturbed in the pile. Yet once again their strong connection of each other is fraught with miscommunication, unrealistic expectations and is met with sorrow as they fall apart and this time seemingly for good.

The 2 torn hearts will go about their days, years and decades carrying on with their futures as if nothing happened. They remain blinded to the subtle lessons that their connection once offered for their growth. Ignoring the pain, as it was too hard to reconcile. Yet in doing so they also they disown the love that once could have been.

Till one day as they have grown old and adapted to their aging bodies and living their experiences, they glimpse their reflection in the mirror and ask “Why the lack of lustre?” An old memory of another similar wounded heart long forgotten returns to the surface.

The thought of “ What IF?” Casts a shadow upon their faces.

We all have a connection with another heart that was powerful enough to awaken something deep, and primal within us. It may have been with a soul mate, or a twin flame. Strong enough to push us towards them, yet equally strong enough to pull away.

We each go through this dance of light. A waltz of the hearts plays out in the most beautiful way, bring us close, then apart, then close then apart to the sound of the music of life’s experiences. It takes tremendous courage to discover that lovely heart that beckons its song.

Love is far too precious to snub it out like a lit lantern in the day time, unneeded, useless. For it is in the darkness of those challenges, those hard times and nights when the love fo the 2 hearts is to remain the strongest to light the way to the dawn of day.

Your powerful ally,

Dr Nitin Bhatnagar


I Love you

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