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Nature thrives

An unlikely visitor

Playing in the driveway we were having fun. On the bicycles or playing ball, I forget. I popped back to the the garage to get something when as I return I find my son drawing chalk on the tarry expanse. I initially gave no attention till I noticed that he was drawing squares around something. Not for the sake of decoration but more as a boundary of protection.

I got to my hands and knees for a better look. There I found in a crack of the driveway a tiny seedling that had hatched revealing a mini tree looking structure that was growing. I was a little surprised to see this as this little piece of nature was growing in an unnatural environment. There was no soil around it. Water in the form of rain and the sparse sunlight were nudging this sapling along.

I got wondering, how often do we not dare to shine our true selves and grow, in fact we shrink in the face of adversity or a harsh environment at home or at work. Yet here is this little twig of life demonstrating that it has the audacity to survive and thrive despite its surroundings.

This was certainly a gently reminder from the universe that it is always time to grow, evolve, adapt and thrive. All the necessary ingredients to make this beautiful process organically evolve are ever present.

It begins with certainty of the mind that we will make it. It requires presence of knowing. Embellished with gratitude and love of the heart, there is nothing that can stop us from achieving our goals, dreams and intentions.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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