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Love is the building blocks of life


Life is not about making things easy or hard.

Things are easy, I just make it too hard.

Simplify, simplifying, simplified…..LIFE

It is when we find the simplicity within life we discover the building blocks of life

We witness the foundations of the universe


This is the fundamental essence with which life is intimately designed

Each thread at the subatomic to the cosmic is woven from and in this fabric of Love

Feel its power in every moment

It is the language of the mathematics of the heart

Love is sacred geometry noted in every atom, cell, life structure throughout the universe

Each day look around you at simple things in nature and find this geometry eg flowers, the earth, the leaves, the trees, even a grain of sand or a flake of snow.

What you witness is love in motion

Now look at yourself in the mirror

You are the greatest creation that the mathematical equation of love has ever made

Simplify your life and you will see it
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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