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Pandemic grief

The stages of the Grief pandemic

We have all heard of the 5 stages of grief, yes?


I cannot help but wonder how this symbolically ties in with what is going on right now with this global pandemic. We are cycling through these very emotions as we process the trauma of loss. But loss of what?

Finances, social interaction, freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of movement, freedom of self governance, just to name a few.

Lets go through these stages and see how we have been faring. Many are at different stages of this cycle yet most are collectively ploughing through the rapids of the emotional wave.

DENIAL. This occurred at the beginning of the volatility. Total disbelief of the great lockdown or shutdown of all usual conveniences ( hair salons, restaurants, cafes, gyms, libraries, local businesses that regulated our lives of ease.) We responded to the denial with immediate fear of loss of our freedoms so instinctively went on a stockpile frenzy to combat our uncertainty with purchasing of anything and everything off the shelves without an agenda in mind ( toilet paper, flour, canned goods etc. ) and not just in small quantities either. Shop shelves were laid barren as a scavenger licks off the meat of the very bones of its kill. Denial created the fear mentality, that then gave way to anger.

ANGER. Tempers were high as jobs were lost, home restrictions were placed and masks were to be adorned to shut everyone up in the name of science and prevention. The masses were illiterate with reason and blinded with anger to see the game being played and the media continues to fuel this sentiment of ignorance to further gain control of a brewing chaos in the making on a global scale. This leads to blaming of others as the feeling of powerlessness grows. The Anger leads to bargaining.

BARGAINING. We bargained our freedoms for barely an hour of daylight to leave our homes to walk outside for the privileged few. Yet many bargained with their lives and lost. Even more bargained with their finances, their children’s educations, their social rights, yet we all bargained with our personal freedoms and lost. Hard for us to transition directly to this stage without falling back at times into anger and then back to denial, and so the cycle begins anew.

DEPRESSION. The fourth stage settles in as a melancholy of routine and the feeling of stuckness with no end in sight. Each day is a drudgery to return back to normalcy and the days blend into each other with the pains of lack and the trauma of the media’s constant bombardment of fear and agendas. A few find their way out of this and accelerate to the next stage, yet most stay with the uncertainty and bitterness, frustration and fear are solidified to keep them with head bent down.

ACCEPTANCE. This last stage arrives with acceptance that this saga will end at some point. It is either acceptance of the life the way as it is or the fact that something is moving behind the curtain and requires investigating. Most will fall into the former, yet many will choose the latter. The light at the end of the tunnel is fabricated as many begin to awaken to the nonsense, the lies, the manipulation and the voice of the self slowly begins to return. The voices louder, the anger returns to fuel the exit to the next cycle. The acceptance of ones fate or the acceptance to birth something new is the distinction that either breaks the lower frequency pattern or drives us into the karmic wheel once more.

It is through careful contemplation and reflection at this great pandemic that has arrested us in our tracks that we have the unique opportunity of awareness and shifting us out from the pivotal crossroads of our evolution.

As we emerge from this cycle there is an increasing fever of unconscious and hidden traumas and unresolved conflicts that feed our continued victim state that begs to be healed as they are furiously flushed up. From a metaphysical perspective, we can remain stuck in the 3rd dimensional world of enslavement, misinformation and fear or even revolve in the 4th dimensional astral plane and cycle through, losing our connection to a higher power of our soul. We do not heal from our most original wound of separation from Divine consciousness and Oneness of the universe.

When we begin our transition from control of ego to the embraces of Unity consciousness of unconditional love it can be most difficult at times with the tendencies of habit to fall back into older paradigms. It is here where we are pushed to discard the older programming and download the new. This is the viewpoints of wholeness and completeness. It is the reengagement to the heart space that opens up the container of Love to be poured into our daily lives.

When we choose to disengage from doubt, fear and let go of the heaviness of our anxieties we make space for the connection to our inner voice. We hear the song that is to be sung with clarity and vision. On a cosmic level we are living out the Hologenetic programming that is set in motion and navigated by our intentions, perceptions, decisions and actions. We can rewire the software to create the process as we choose, and collectively transform the planet, our home to the next level of evolutionary history.

As we are all being pushed to transmute, transform and alchemize time and space in the transition to 5th dimensional consciousness there is much resistance. Many will fall back through the 5 stages repeatedly till they awaken to the imbalance of perceptions that they have manufactured for themselves.

For those that are awakening or have awakened, it wise to remain in gratitude and hold gentle space for those who still struggle with their disempowerment and hopelessness, and show them the way home, not by force but by being the beacons of light for navigation and not for subjugation as their own Holographic matrices collapse.

We all go through grief, we all have gone through the various stages of grief.

Be kinder. Be even gentler as we all emerge through our own wounds of loss and separation of ourselves and remember our unity with each other and the universe.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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