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This great pause of the covid 19 has brought about an interesting twist to the way I practice medicine and cardiology that I never thought I would get to experience.

Usually in the BC era ( Before Corona ), I was used to seeing patients in the office. Have a face to face conversation, you know, the way humans were meant to before the advent of technology. There is a powerful connection that occurs between doctor and patient. An energetic bond that transmits healing in the form of listening and sharing the ailments and cures. A conversation that is sacred with age old wisdom being passed down through the experience to help and serve those in need.

The masks disturb that transmission bringing with it the sterility of transmutation, but lets leave that for another contemplation moment.

With the covid 19 situation, most patients have been till now been unwilling to come to see their health care providers, and so remain cocooned within the safety of their homes. The only access to them has been the ubiquitous telephone visits. Pick up the phone and have a conversation like a friend calling for a chat over a cup of a heated beverage. It takes the healing out of it and sets the tone for a casual, nonchalant exchange of politeness. For most patients I have been finding that they are at home, which means they are relaxed and comfortable with the dialogue. Their blood pressures have been lower, their blood sugars more controlled.

Yet they are as they are in there homes without pretense. There is less healing, and more open friendship that is being fostered. Though an exchange of medical knowledge and a synthesis of experience accompanied by familiarity is definitely encountered.

Now we add in a new peculiarly of the Telehealth health with video visit ! I sit at my desk and with the touch of a button I am able to see the patient in their home state. As if big brother has peeked into their personal space and in some cases an intrusion, I greet them as they sit in their kitchen still in their Pjs or some not yet quite woken up from their nightly slumber. Some yet remain unshaven, only too happy to finish off the interview and get on with their days. It is humbling to see patients not as patients but with the added visual now as human beings in their element.

So yesterday I had the opportunity to be able to do all 3 at the same time. It was quite the experience indeed. I had one patient in the room to be seen, yet another patient talking to my assistant on the phone was ready to be transferred to my desk for a telephone visit. Even more miraculous was that my laptop lit up with the iconic window as a patient popped up on my screen on video conferencing.

All 3 modalities at the same time. For a second I was pulled in all 3 directions. So instead of reacting to them, I momentarily paused what seemed like an eternity in a vacuum while I was fully present to all my options I felt my breath and was blessed to be able to help so many in an instantaneous moment. All 3 timelines felt as if they were before me as paths carved out in the steamy air. I smiled as I returned back to the choices to be made while observing everything from this space of extraordinary presence of heart and mind.

I was the renaissance doctor !

I am glad that patients are coming back to the office. Stepping out of their homes to seek care for themselves once again. For me, it was the joy of being able to listen to their hearts once again. The pulse of life as it flowed in each moment, filled with thoughts, ideas, fears, energies surging through their vessels and their body. It is good to hear and feel the touch of the physical connection of the patient, not only validating their existence, but remembering my purpose and gifts once more.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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