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New digital me on fb

So had to try this last night.. since everyone is on fb

So here it is rhe new digital fb version of me

Same humor

Same silliness

It knows more but possesses less wisdom

It is aware of where I have been,

my preferences,

what I like to eat and what I have eaten,

my spending habits,

My cholesterol

Has a copy of my dental records

Knows if I gave paid my taxes and how much

it even knows 98%of all my friends

Yet what it doesn’t know is what i love

It doesn’t know how to meditate

It doesn’t know how to tap into my souls purpose

It doesn’t have the foggiest idea of my truly hold dear in the recesses of my heart

It doesn’t understand my emotional pain

It cannot fathom my anguish of failure

It doesn’t comprehend my dreams

Yet here he is being my imposter, pretending to be me

Greeting people as if to substitute me

I don’t think he means to rob me of my existence…. yet

He appears to be uneducated version of me from long ago.. but he is learning very fast

Who is he going to evolve into i wonder

Just know that I am who I am

I am not him.. and he is not me

My wisdom shared through experience is not his

The magic of me cannot be replicated

So watch out who you see when you open this page.. he desperately wants to be me..

But he is not…

My humanity is not duplicateable

I am unique

(And I actually still have more hair than he does.. for now )

Your powerful ally,

Nitin Bhatnagar
I love you (so will he one day….i think)

Author: Brown Knight

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