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The secret

Early morning contemplations

The secret that I am hiding is the person who I have now become

The secret that I keep from myself is the path I am on.

Each day we evolve a little bit or in leaps and bounds.

The universe continues to push us towards our original state of authenticity as we journey back home.

Yet we keep our own growth as a closely guarded secret.


I think it is so that one day when we do find our way, it comes on the wings of surprise and wonder that we are where we are meant to be

We are offered the opportunity to come to this knowing as a baby discovers its toes, or a child discovers the moon, or a teenager falls for their first love.

It is in this forgetting and remembering that we are offered the safe passage on the voyage with the grateful knowing that we are both the navigator and the creator of our mission.

It is here on the high seas of life that we meet the truest version of ourselves

It is when we see our authentic nature, a new path is illuminated… only to realize that the bends and forks in the road have always been there

What lies round the corner is not the next great challenge but our greatest discovery of our own hearts

This is why we keep it so hidden..

For it is in the knowing that the prestige of the magic show is revealed

The illusion is not the trick, but the realization that we have always been there as we once were.

Beautiful, bright, wise

The universe supports our journey and hides our secret for us till the day we are ready.

That moment unfolds within each moment..

Stay present, stay in the pause and the silence

The secret of who we are and where we are going lies within each moment
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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  1. In all my decades on earth since the age of 4 maybe 5 years of age the sun has been out on my birthday in the area where I was living. Today did not disappoint> 🙂

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