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Flower full moon

As the night approaches so does something even more powerful. The Full moon energy summons our emotions to be faced. It not just asks but demands us to sort through our energetics of old wounds, hurts, traumas and become authentic to who we are. This is the last of the Supermoons for 2020. And wha an amazing time for it to arrive on the coattails of the coronavirus.

The intuitive nature of our hearts knows keenly that the Flower moon represents the power of abundance. Not just in wealth, but in happiness, joy, success, health and love. In fact this energetic state brings the very love of life to blossom.

We Feel the moon lifting the secrets of our innermost fears and bring light to the very mysteries of the heart that holds potential and hurts. For many various chapters of our lives will be coming to a close and for many new ones will be written.

The moon pulls in and out the water from the ocean. And so too it does the water of our bodies that is essentially 70% water. The EM fields of the moon interact with our own EM fields that are generated bringing about awareness and consciousness.

Dreams are intensified, physical energy is amplified, and all that has been stirred and brewed in the new moon comes to divine light in the full moon to be released, harnessed and transformed.

Allow the vision to be seen, the wounds to be healed, and the dreams to coalesce. Allow the next path to unveil itself in due time. Patience is the harbinger of divine order.

Allow the moon light to pierce the self adorned masks that have hidden us from the world to see. We hide out of fear of being judged or of being ridiculed. Yet when we judge or ridicule others we are scared to face our own self judgments. We fear of becoming vulnerable and be loved. This is what the mask hides, our own heart that now the moonlight peels back those layers.

We can no longer retreat. We must give ourselves permission to live and love. It is time to lay the foundation of our energy to create the future. It starts by sitting down that heavy burden, letting go of the madness of illusion and shed them to the ground.

It is time to uncover our souls grand purpose and step into the light without fear but with certainty, clarity and commitment.

Here is a potent invocation that I created to help with harnessing the power of this energetic experience.

Take a deep breath in and let it out slowly. Repeat 3x and then go through this mantra as many times as it resonates with your heart.

“ I welcome this beautiful light

I allow it to fill all parts of my being

I let go of all my hurts, wounds, and illusions

I permit myself to see the true person of Me

I connect with my guides, and my Ascended Masters to help me

I ask for my heart to open to shine the light upon my path

I accept my courage and wisdom of my soul to walk my way

I am my path

I am my soul

I am my wisdom

I am my Light

I am Love

I am that I am”


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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