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Reactions are unhelpful

The other day I was at the gas station fueling up. The road to the side of me was packed with cars at the traffic light. Someone was in the wrong lane and so when the green light arrived, there was no movement.

As expected there were a few impatient honks to get the person moving. ( like they didn’t know what was going on, the honks usually help !!)

There was a man who was stepping out of his parked car at the gas station, when he too heard the honks.

He immediately started yelling from his car at the traffic jam ” Hey man, what the hell !!”

I am watching all this and I realized that I did not react to the commotion and he did.

All too often we are easily distracted and jump into a reactive mode, even if has nothing to do with us.

It is when we unnecessarily react we begin to create a disturbance into our energetic field and bring in the density of anger, resentment and this is stored in our unconscious.

It does not go away.

It stays, festers, like useless viruses on a computer, clogging up our mental processor and continues to degrade our field.

It reveals itself when another trigger then occurs, and we react with irritation, frustration, anger.

We become more frequent in our repetitive behaviors. ( regardless of whether it is labeled good or bad)

This constant state of reactivity becomes more prominent with now even the smallest of triggers and not just major events in life.

This disturbs us in all areas of life..

Whether financial mishaps, physical issues, relationships, social connections, at a vocation, regardless we get triggered.

The programming is corrupted and effects all parts of our existence.

It may be wise to seek an alternative path of observance. This is not the same as non reactivity.

Being an active participant of observation does not mean sitting on the couch and watching life go by.

It means complete presence in the moment and be able to SEE the flow of challenge and support occur in a beautiful synchronous fashion.

This man’s reaction was entirely unhelpful to the circumstance. His anger and bitterness to the honk was clearly apparent on his face.

Yet simultaneously seeing that the traffic jam was an opportunity for some to learn patience and for the person creating the jam to be more mindful of choices was a wonderful interplay to observe.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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