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How are you?


Perspectives from the Intuitive Cardiologist.

There is tremendous kindness in the world.

When I see patients in the office, I get the customary “hello and how are you ” by the patient, and it is not until we have discussed their concerns that I get from them the sigh of relief and as we exit, the odd question of ” So you keeping ok doc?”

Lately I have been calling patients with Telehealth while they are all confined at home. I now get the first question ” How are you doc?” And that is how we break the ice about our common foe the CORONA and not the pleasantries about the weather.

The difference?

When a patient comes into the office they enter with apprehension and fear as they walk the hallways of a sterile environment. They are not their usual relaxed selves.

They expect danger and so are more matter of fact and then focus on the business at hand, namely their health.

Yet in the second scenario, they are already relaxed in the comfort of their home. I am their guest and they are not mine with the roles reversed.

They have the home court advantage.

I am on the receiving end of more compassion,sympathy and understanding !

So thank you covid 19 for showing me the other side of gratitude and human behavior.

We are all frightened in some fashion even before this corona nightmare.

What sparks our humanity is our environment and our mindsets.

Dont be a victim of either.

Be you always
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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