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Spring poem

Spring cometh to fill my heart

It warms the air and fills my senses

The ground is alive with the promise of renewal

The whispers of the wind serenade my ears telling me of the beauty of today

The leaves reveal their magic of a time once forgotten

The grass reply with the hope of tomorrow

It is here where I find the stillness of my heart

For the witness of this perfect blossom can be the journey of a lifetime

Time slows, and the fears of my dreams long ago melt away

The moment is alive with possibility

The pulse of the earth paces with my own

The gateway of my heart opens to a feeling long hidden in silence

Yet here in this stillness I discover love

I discover me

I think love

I speak love

I act love

I spread love

I am Love

I am I am I am
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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