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Light as neuron connections

This is a little video clip ( or photograph) under the electron microscope of neurons growing and creating new pathways or changing older pathways and establishing a network.

What I found interesting was that as each neuron cell in real time is creating a connection, it is a burst of light. So the neurons are able to generate light. Why? Simply because all cells are made from light as their fundamental architecture.

So these “ light” connections are literally our THOUGHTS in motion and the creation of a physical reality in these cellular networks. So cells are made of light and thoughts are made up of light, it therefore stands to reason that we are the macro organism that is also made up of light. In fact it is our own light that is creating the thoughts or rather powering the thought and inputting energy to establish a connection and then to be manifest such that then generate the release of light when a connection is being made.

Confused? Think of it this way. Energy IN to create, and energy released ( OUT) as a neural connection is made. This energy IS thought. Let us break this down a little further.

Light is energy, frequency and vibration. So our thoughts too have an energy, at a particular frequency and a vibrational signature at any moment in time. When the thought matches the right frequency it provides the right energy to open up the heart. This then inherently unlocks the gate to unconditional love. This occurs when we vibrate at that certain frequency of gratitude.

Now if we choose not to be in that energetic state and vibrate at any other frequency that is lower than that of the state of gratitude, then those also create light neuronal connections but how sustaining will they be to help open up the heart is a different question. What struck me the most about the video and this image was that thoughts are literally light energy.

Which means that thought in the form of energy has the ability to be translated into energy to create or destroy through our thoughts as they come out as words. We then take action on these words ( but sometimes spoken word is the action). As I have been saying right along that light is what creates our known reality, through our thoughts. The more potent the light the more powerful and congruent our reality is with our thoughts. If our thoughts are heart centered, then the more powerful the connection to that reality and the greater we use our gifts in manifesting the reality of choice.

Our auric fields are the pathway to create the reality, an interface if you will. And the more we are able to harness our own inner light, our inner energy, the more we vibrate to the frequency of gratitude, this in turn will create using our auric field. The more we are in the state of unconditional love, the more we magnetize situations to that field.

Our very DNA ( and all our cells) need light to survive and thrive. This image shows just that.. the real energy of light as it is used to make connections. The quality of connections that the neurons create or rather adhere to, depend on the light energy that is used to manufacture them. The stability of these connections depend on the the quality of thoughts, in other words the light energy.

Our thoughts constantly release light as is already noted. This light creates the energy and frequency around us which is why we if we walk into a room with negative minded people thinking negative, critical thoughts, we instinctively and instantly pick up on it and sense it, as we are picking up their light quotient and energetic fields as they interact with ours. We then get a feeling,as this light filters through our body, DNA and to our heart space. The body and heart are in charge of feelings.

So ultimately we are responsible for our own thoughts, our own light that we create through our states of being, and the neural connections in the brain and the cellular connections we make throughout our body. We are responsible for the energy that we generate. We are responsible for the frequency of this transmission, and we are responsible for our words and actions that are physical vibrations of that one little itty bitty tiny spark of light that started all this.

This spark is created by the radiance of our spirit and filtered through our bodies, minds and hearts.

If we have all this power and energy like a solar battery, then we can control the type of thoughts that we generate, the pathways they create, and the reality that we choose to manifest. Our choice… gratitude, balance or fear driven, negative, anxiety, stressful, depressing kinds of thoughts.

Unconditional love is a state of being with energy. Gratitude is a frequency. Together they vibrate at the level of a divine spark. YOU !!


I love you

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Author: Brown Knight

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