Perspectives from the Intuitive Cardiologist

We are all cells as part of a much larger organism. Each fulfilling a particular role

When cells are weak or unhealthy, they are attacked by other cells and taken over.

Sometimes the cell clusters are taken over by viruses and the internal machinery of the cells are hijacked and the virus reproduces and spreads through out he organism.

We call war a disease.

There is a deadly virus that is far worse than the corona COVID 19 that has gripped the organism.

This is the virus of thought bringing in its wake fear that is spreading far and wide.

The Antidote or treatment is another more powerful agent of thought.

Changing the frequency of thought alters our perceptions and decisions and actions.

Our thoughts effect every part of our body right down the very core of our DNA

By changing the frequency of thoughts we are able to transform the body, heal it, make it stronger.

This is a mental quarantine not just a physical quarantine, allowing us the opportunity to go in deeper and change our very vibrational frequencies of thoughts and create ourselves anew.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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