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Perspectives from the Intuitive Cardiologist

I have had lots of requests to explore the notion of immunity and how to boost it. Here goes.

What is immunity? It is a quality of a state of being that is able to resist a particular disease or foreign invader by counteracting the effects of the products of the pathogen or by preventing the development of the pathologic organism.

Without going into medical school 101 of immunology I think the question we have on our minds is how do we prevent from getting the coronavirus? But I would expand that to “ how do we prevent ourselves from getting any viral or bacterial infection ?

We have been told that we need to socially distance ourselves by at least 6 feet to start. Well thats more a fear response since in fact there is no data to suggest that it is 6 feet that will make the difference vs lets say 10 feet or 25 feet etc. This was an arbitrary number made up. So in that case we do not have any proof that the 6 feet was not long enough and we were already infected.

Socially distancing actually has profound negative side effects as it brings down our moods, our patience levels drops, our irritability rises, depression increases and by nature we are social creatures. We need to meet others and interact. And so also being indoors makes it worse as we are dependent on light for energy at the very cellular level and so socially distancing makes it harder for our immune system to develop.

We are breeding weaker immunity. But wait a minute if we undo social distancing, then we actually stand to increase the infection levels right? Perhaps, pursuing the model from the 1918 global pandemic that worsened by 1920 to epic proportions. Yet we have conflicting data that NYC was badly effected despite lockdown yet other states in the USA not on lockdown have not had those same drastic numbers.

The key here is not to be so worried about if we are going to be infected as if we focus on immune system building then we can do 2 things….1 prevent the viral load to effect us, and 2 assuming we are already infected then not get the products of the virus to overwhelm us.

How do we do this magic trick? Here are a few ideas.


Stay hydrated. We are eat least 70% water. We need a water supply that is going to be adequate to flush out toxins, bathe our skin to be strong to be protective, nourish our cells to function and keep out joints lubricated.


We may be surprised how much nutrition and adequate and appropriate nutrients play a vital role in homeostatic functionality. So I would AVOID processed foods, canned goods, anything that is not freshly grown or at least has a shirt shelf life ( ergo free of preservatives ). AVOID sugars and sweets, high fructose corn syrup. It is easy to jump into something to take care of the sweet teeth ( yes we have more than 1) to feed not our hunger but our fears, moods, depression, anxiety and emotional states. AVOID foods that exhaust us such as carbohydrate heavy or heavy fatty foods. Anything that is excess will drag us down and take away vital energy dedicated to our immune system sent away to digest the foods. AVOID fast foods, and foods that are classified as junk. INCREASE VIT A rich foods such as vegetables Spinach, sweet potatoes, carrots, black eyed peas, broccoli, red peppers,mangos, apricots etc. INCREASE foods that have VIT D in them. If you know you are gluten or dairy intolerant dont add more stress to your immune system by trying out those foods. INCREASE foods that promote gut health like probiotics, and sauerkraut. Our gut is like another immune system that allows for protection via the gut lining, as. First line defense. Kind of like our skin and nasal pathogens. INCREASE foods such as GInger, lemon, turmeric in the diet, all powerful antioxidants.


Good time to avoid it. Alcohol messes up neurons and cardiac cells. It weakens the immune system despite its misnomer of giving you “liquid courage”


STOP it. Best time to quit. Save ourselves money, lung cells and also helps restore immunity that is usually already weakened to a degree through the carcinogenic materials found in smoking.


Get plenty of it. It increases VIT D that is necessary part of our immunity but more over our DNA needs light to expand, grow, evolve at the cellular level. Light helps build immunity.


Lets face it. As a species we are being graded on this. And we are failing badly. Prior to covid 19 we still did not wash hands for 20 seconds, in fact the average is about 9 seconds. Get working people,lather, wash rinse, and maybe even air dry. BUt wash those hands. Yes BOTH of them. We are now becoming lazy with hand sanitizers and gloves ( which mind you gloves spread more infection than prevent)


If we did not do this before, NOW is the time to start. Indoors or outdoors, just get off the couch and exercise. Get that heart rate up, lose the weight, modify those calories and tone those muscles. Simpler the exercise the better we will do them correctly. So sit-ups, pushups, planks, burpees, stretching ( yoga style), use bands if you have them, run, bike, use weights if you have them, start light and then build it up. PLENTY of YouTube yoga and stretching and exercise routines on line now so you wont miss the gym. Call up any of the orca gyms and talk to the coaches. As a crossfit coach I am happy to help field your questions too. Just keep that blood pumping. As I tell my patients “ Bodies in motion stay in motion, bodies at rest will be laid to rest”.


Again the best time to do it is now. WE have the time. Adequate rest is key and one of the foundations to building a healthy immune system.


Fundamental practice of this helps enormously. Like any muscle it requires practice and work. Few minutes a day is a great way to start. JUST START.


Spending time in the garden or being in nature barefoot and connecting with the earth is vital in sustaining our spiritual and physical health. If that is not possible then a bath with salt crystals ( i use Himalayan salt),or connecting to your potted plant.


The more we read the more we expand our thoughts and ideas and broaden our neuro pathways, which maintains our immune system. Personally I try to aim for 4 books a week. Pick any topic of interest and read.


Do things that inspire and not despire. Whether it is listening to classical music or ones favorite song, or cooking a meal or staying fit, or writing or helping someone, mentoring someone ( even in zoom) , whatever it is as long as it fills your heart with joy. This increases the balance of hormones that boost immunity through opening up ones heart to love.


Be wondrously amazed at all things unfolding in life. Like the innocence of a child exploring for the first time. That true genuine curiosity about life increases the immune system by giving the forebrain the ideas to Palma future that broadens longevity.


Writing our ones thoughts is a great way to get things out of the unconsciousness and putting them on paper. Less in the mind the better. Declutter the mind. Open up the heart.


When we stay in a state of gratitude there is nothing more powerful than getting the immune system to go into overdrive and build build build. Gratitude enhances and promotes the hormones that are used to increase immunity such as oxytocin, estrogen, thyroid, growth hormone, melatonin, prolactin, histamine, dopamine, serotonin to name a few. Make a list of things that we are grateful for and not just dwelling on what’s wrong with ones life. Every day make the list of things that happened to you or you see that will happen to you that you are grateful for or will be in the future.


So there has been lots of talk on high dose vitamin C helping with immunity. Speculation is that is causes hydrogen peroxide to form in the body and so act as a disinfectant. I have no proof of this except anecdotal evidence from patients who were treated with this in some hospitals making remarkable recoveries as well as people having milder symptoms being symptom free in shorter periods of time. I always thought that beyond 1000mg we just urinated it out, but it took covid 19 for us to test out those theories. Many swear by zinc. If it works for you then dont stop. Yet if the diet has enough zinc in it, then may be all well


There are the Solfeggio frequencies that have been known for centuries for their healing properties. Listen to these frequencies ( available on YouTube ) regularly. They will help the mood and enhance immunity. Listening to relaxing no harsh music anyway has profound effects on the harmonics of the body. After all we are made of frequency and energy revealing ourselves as vibration in physicality.


There are plenty of practitioners I know of this magnificent art that are lot more skilled in this area than I am, yet I firmly believe that there is a role in healing with crystals. These rocks have been part of our ancient history books for eons and their healing gifts are well documented as they too are part of the living force binding to this world.


One of the most powerful tools that have yet been not fully tapped into is the field of energy medicine. WE are all part of a quantum field of intention and so can all be assisted by energy healers. I have been blessed to have learned a lot in this field as I bridge the worlds of traditional medicine and cardiology with the understandings and gifts of this healing modality. I would recommend you reach out to a healer if you can find one. I would be happy to assist you as well.


Yeah get off the media that brings negative energy and bad news in every direction. Probably should have been put up as number one on this list. After all if we avoid the insult that’s causing the injury, that’s half the battle. There is a lot of misinformation out there and posted in the name of an authority or a government title that is not true and creates more subjugation, conflict and fear. Listen to the heart. If it makes one uneasy, shut it off.

There are lots of other healing modalities that do not require medication or a vaccine shot in the arm or ass. Each person inherently knows what works for them as well as their family. There are plenty unique ways as there are people on the planet as well techniques of old that were handed down ancestrally.

Above all listening to ones body is key.

Pause, reflect, contemplate, listen to the heart.

Trust life that it knows what to do. The same life that gave us existence, continues to guide birds to fly in migration patterns, allows tens of thousands of fish to swim to original breeding grounds around the world, and guides animals to protect their young and find food.

Trust the process. Trust yourself.


Hope this helps, I am sure there are lots of other little nuances of healing and immune building that can assist. This is what I could come up with at 1am !!Please share your ideas in the comments and share this post. The more we know the more we are empowered.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight


  1. Excellent advice, best daily writing to date— thorough, comprehensive,
    If all Americans would heed, we would be in a better place going forward!
    Sleep more!

    • thank you

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