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Tinsel tinsel everywhere


Perspectives from the Intuitive Cardiologist

So an interesting story from my 4.6 year old.

Wifey and I were busy with some chores in the house and helping clients. The children were left to explore their free time in whatever way they felt like it as long as it did not involve devices or technology.

One built a fort with cushions, cardboard boxes cut outs, and chairs.

The other found her mothers collection of art supplies…..

SO there was a little spill of art tinsel. ( which we found out much later)

In the meantime her Royal Highness tried washing her hands and then went about her day in the house like as if nothing happened.

Apparently tinsel is not easy to hide. We have found it everywhere.

On socks, clothes, hands and feet. ( and mind you NOT JUST HERS)

On the surfaces in the kitchen, bedroom, study, in the garage, in the car seats.

On her dolls, in her bed, on the carpet.

On the potty seat, in the sink, outside the sink, on the floor of the bathroom

On our eyelashes, on my beard, in my nose.

On my clothes that were not yet worn in the cupboard, on all our jackets

In the fridge and on the plates and cups, in the floor boards

On the books, on the plants, inside the shower !!

The tinsel was literally everywhere. It was more than the path she took as she traveled the house, but it was everyone who she came in contact with, and then everything they came in contact with.

Yes the house now shines in the right amount of sunlight or halogen overheads.

But I got to think. Tinsel is behaving like we were in contact with the coronavirus.

Quick to spread, difficult to evaluate, and harder yet to clean off.

Just because it is tiny, does not mean it is any less spreadable, diversely propagating and ever more a nuisance.

Yes I am referring to tinsel, but just think if the coronavirus has entered your home through contact or at the bottom of your shoe, and now is also an evermore nuisance to get rid of.

Benefit. My house looks like a sparkling doll house full of magic and sparkles, just the way she likes it.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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