Perspectives from the Intuitive Cardiologist

Panic from the latin panicus from greek panikos from the name of the God Pan, who was known for the woodland noises that would create terror.

When we are in a state of fear and panic our intelligence (IQ) drops rather sharply.

We lose our resiliency, and our ability to strategize also drops.

We lose the ability to create new thought patterns and our ability to integrate new ideas with coherency also is reduced.

Our natural tendency of being able to coherently come together as a collective also drops.

( no surprise that this is exactly what is going on right now, we are not being able to come together)

United we stand, divided we fall.

One of the first steps in breaking this cycle of panic is to stop listening to the media and the TV and social media that is 25/7 burning out our eyeballs and deafening our ears with their constant panic and fear based broadcasts.

They even have an app that you can download to get up to date numbers of deaths and infection rates and locations.

I suddenly realized while walking out of the hospital and to the street, that I was looking at every body with suspicion. As if each person was a victim and a carrier of the virus.

Just imagine if we looked at each person as carrier of ” Diabetes or high blood pressure, or cancer risk or high cholesterol ” and put forward the already distributed vast resources towards these such illnesses, what a healthier world we could have created.

Now unfortunately there will be even less resources available for all the chronic illnesses that actually have found to be worse long term killers than the COVID 19


Spend some time to be in silence.

Pause in our day and breathe.

Put down our digital distraction.

Hydrate, eat wholesome foods, rest and gratitude journal

Spend some time in nature grounding with the earth ( obviously away from other people !!)

Trust the process.

find things that inspire

It is a time to shine not shrink

It is a time to lead not follow.

Just like our phone needs a reboot from time to time, we too need a mind reboot.

We are able to do this together, but once we stop with the outward distractions of fear, panic and anxiety, can we see each other, hear each other and be with one another for who we really are and create a world that is sustaining.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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