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A kids tale


A kids tale

So I return home from work and my 4 year old gets my attention and in glee shows me her little tea party….

Daughter: look dad my tea party

Me: hmmm that’s cute…
(I start walking away)

Daughter: now me and my friends I called over can really have some fun

Me (stop dead in my tracks and spin around thinking friends ? You can’t have anyone over… we are racial distancing!)

Daughter (big grin) : ha ha tricked you, corona virus ! These are for my pretend friends !

Me (smile and think this kid gonna be the end of me)

With all this social distancing have we looked at the effects this has on our kids?

A 4 year old having to deal with no tangible playmates? She is probably going to kill her 8 year old brother soon

Yesterday I find my son online with his homeschool class learning experiment and writing newsletters

Right after that both kids had online KUNG FU classes !

What’s next online swimming classes or rock climbing with an online instructor?

This social distancing experience is needed…yes… we dont want infection to spread…

Yet we our children we not properly prepped for this.. who are by their very nature social learning creatures..

What else can we do as parents, or teachers or caregivers to connect with these kids?

It’s a digital world out there… but is the human heart prepared for this sort of isolation?
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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