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Corona thoughts

Few early morning thoughts regarding paranoia of this COVID 19

When does the paranoia stop?

What will takes its place in a few months?

I had a patient in the office who was in a group of travelers of which several tested positive for the virus, am I a carrier?

I flew on a plane across the world, am I a carrier?

I went to a country that at the time had no cases, am I a carrier?

I live in a state in the US that has 2 cases, am I already exposed?

I went to the grocery store and saw a lady coughing and looked ill, I dont know if she had the common cold or the corona, am I now a carrier?

I went to the hospital to see patients, I dont know if they had been exposed to someone else, am I a carrier?

If a robber comes at me to try to hurt me, can I shout out” I have corona ” will that stop the robber more than the use of a gun?

When does my paranoia end?

I am driving down the street and I get pulled over for speeding, can I use the excuse of ” corona ” get out of the ticket?

Can I walk into a bank and demand money, but instead of a gun, can I yell “I have corona” will they be fearful and give me the money?

Do I get out of a meeting with a friend by saying I may have corona?

Can I extend this idea out to the flu ? Meaning that so far the flu has killed more people every year then the corona, do I now be afraid or unafraid of the flu?

What about the 100, 000 + people exposed to flu, am I a carrier?

Do I dare NOT say anything about the corona, otherwise not be loved or worse yet be judged?

Where does my paranoia end?

The world fears that which it does not understand.

It is wise to understand the facts for what they truly are, and not what we perceive them to be.

Fear is a potent motivator for change.

( more on the corona saga as is impacts our consciousness in the next post)

Stay curious, stay inspired, stay in love, that is how we build immunity.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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