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A grateful story of synchronous moments

So on my last day of my trip, I arrive at the airport with my wife to checkin for our flight home to JFK. We abruptly learn that our 9pm flight to London on Virgin Atlantic was cancelled due to a bird strike to the engine and the flight could not arrive to Johannesburg to pick us up.

Confusion, panic, and fear are typical emotions that are resulted. We walked over the “trouble shoot ” department. There is an irate couple who were traveling to London and now are also told that this flight was cancelled and they are to be delayed for another 24 hours.

Now granted they will be put up at a hotel yet the inconvenience is great as is known for anyone traveling these days when the travel plans are literally derailed.

We moved forward in the line. It was our turn. The wife and I looked at each other with an expectation that we were to suffer the same fate of postponed flight. Yet in my heart I was determined to get to JFK no matter what. I saw this clearly in my mind and felt it.

I got really present and was gearing up to inform him of a list of options that I had come up with to solve our challenge.

Came up to the counter, and we said ” We are scheduled to fly to NYC JFK airport via London ” Not the issue that London was our destination, but it was JFK that was the final spot of disembarkation.

He immediately pressed a few keys and announced that we were booked now on South African airlines on a DIRECT 15 hour fight to JFK !! This worked out even better that we hoped. And to boot 6 hours AHEAD of our original schedule !

Whats the point here?

The universe is constantly in a state of synchronous moments. We receive both support and challenge in every moment. Yet when we see only one side with a polarized view, we miss out on the beauty of the universal whole expression in complete balance.

So there you have it ! Got a direct non stop over flight. Got in 6 hours ahead of schedule. And we also left at 9pm from Johannesburg !

With every challenge there is support. And with every perceived support there is a challenge. Can you see this synchrony and balance happening in every moment of your life?
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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