The monkey and the BMW, a tale of wisdom

So we are driving on this beautiful winding road somewhere on the rural back roads in South Africa heading to the Cradle of Mankind museum. Suddenly a blue BMW races past us and overtakes us.

It is speeding at well over the speed limit as we clearly see it zip off into the distance ahead. We saw the driver as he overtook us as he was laughing

We continue our trek within the speed limit where all of a sudden we seem to be catching up with him. We were not speeding up, he is slowing down, and rather rapidly.

And then he pulled over the side of the road and had halted. We came up behind him, then overtook him and then stopped right in front of him to see what was the matter.

And there I saw it. He had hit a monkey. This creature was quite dead as it lay crushed through the grating of the front of the car. The driver came out quite puzzled and visibly upset only to find this still creature protruding out of the front of the car.

What was worse yet was the amount of liquid pouring out from under the car. This was not blood from the monkey, yet the copious leak of the radiator of his car. It was quite apparent that he was not going anywhere for a while.

Stuck out in the wilderness of the back roads, his pride had been humbled. His hand on his head as he realized that terrible fact that fixing this radiator was going to cost him a small fortune.

The universe continually tries to keep us in a state of balance by humbling our pride or helping us to elevate out of a shame. The state of equanimity is the striving force that the universe affords us.

Pity it was a monkey who brought this man to realize his pride in that moment. But I can pretty much bet his bottom dollar that he is not going to be prideful and speeding for a while, and the fact that the universe will help him come come back to center if he does ever fall out in the future 🙂
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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