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Germs germs germs

There is so much of fear these days about getting the corona virus while traveling. The lists of things of how to protect oneself and things to avoid etc continues to grow as the chaos surrounding this epidemic continues to create havoc.

I travelled from New York to London Heathrow. The plane was barely full of passengers. London airport was dismal with the lack of lustre of people shopping at the high end shops that were uninhabited with customers. The restaurants were easy to get a table to eat.. there were no patrons !

My travels continued as I went to South africa. Yet again the flight was not at full occupancy and the airport was not vibrant as it once was.

I was having dinner at a local restaurant where my wife and I were one of 2 others in the entire restaurant. I recalled the paranoia of this viral epidemic and how this has cost the world not only the death of those afflicted but the magnanimous financial ripple effect it has had on economies large and small right down to the little restaurant business owners let alone the massive airline companies, fuel companies, trade organizations, pharmaceutical corporations etc.

I recalled the excessive behaviors of people on the plane wiping every surface of the tv screen, the arm rests, the tray tables with chlorine wipes, yet failing to wash their hands after that. Yet I too was effected by this fear mentality and so at the restaurant I was getting concerned about if the waiter had touched my glass without washing his hands with soap and water or that he was handling my food.

Then my wife turned to me and said ” you know that you have just travelled across the world in all the high viral load state of emergency places including all the airports, and here we are in South AFrica where there has been not a single case. ”

I nodded , urging her to go one with what I intuitively had picked up as the next statement she was going to say.

” These africans have not been exposed to the virus, yet you are coming here with more exposure. Who should be more afraid right now? You who is concerned about the waiter or the waiter of you who has been exposed?”

OMG. Thats just it. This is how many indigenous species were exterminated throughout history when exposed to foreign invaders over the last 500 years in nearly every part of the world exposed to conquest.

I immediately stopped judging this man who had done nothing to me except continue to serve me with grace and a smile. I was more of a danger to him and his family.

Judgment breeds fear.

Gratitude breeds love

Love connects while judgments divide.

I apologized to him in my mind for my behavior of thoughts before they led to irrational actions of spoken word.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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