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My Path of fasting#6

My path of Fasting #6 The Benefits
( A cardiologist perspective)

There are a number of benefits of intermittent fasting.

1. Changes the insulin levels. Drops them significantly such that fat burning begins
2. Cellular repair. Toxins and wastes begin to get cleaned up from all parts of the body ( AUTOPHAGY)
3. In a fasting state, the stress induces gene expression to reduce inflammation that then promotes longevity
4. Aids in treating chronic disease states such as arthritis, asthma, diabetes, hypertension
5. Reduces cholesterol
6. Increases growth hormone production that facilitate muscle gain and more fat burning.
7. Increases the metabolic rate to allow for further weight loss
8. The gradual weight loss in the fasting state allows for fat to burn without the unsightly skin sag as the skin holds proteins that are also dissolved away slowly.
9. Lowers risk for Diabetes type2
10. Improves heart health by not only reducing the factors that worsen heart health such as hypertension, diabetes and hyperlipidemia, but also rescued the inflammatory markers that promote plaque production and vulnerability.
11. May help prevent cancer and also for those patients undergoing cancer treatment may benefit them when handling the chemotherapy agents.
12. By reducing the oxidative stress, helps the brain to increase new nerve cell growth.
13. Improves mood, helping with anxiety, depression.
14. Possibly help wth Alzheimer’s Disease through reduction of inflammation and removal of toxins in the brain.
15. By keeping us out of the fridge and constantly consuming processed foods and challenging our guts, fasting allows gut healing
16. Helps fight aging through overall reduction of oxidative stresses on organs

Not everything is shiny and rosy.

There are some negative effects of fasting if the body is not ready for it.

Such as pregnant women, children, type 1 diabetics may not receive the full benefit.

Always check with your health care professional regarding any preexisting conditions that may interfere with fasting.

But if you do try it, it may just be one of the most remarkable experiences you have undertaken.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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