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Path to fasting #5

My path of Fasting #5

The other 2 questions I get asked is “how did you feel while in the fast ? ” and “what about after ?”

So the first one.. BEFORE.

While I was in my fasting state I remember very distinctly being able to see with crisper vision, not only in the distance but close as well, being able to see strands of hair very clearly.

My mind was very clear.

While walking the wind felt vibrant

While touching an arborvite’s “leaves” I felt I could sense its energy prickling in them, and each strand was more alive to the touch

I felt very present while I was “hearing” the concerns of my patients.

My senses were dialed up to new heights

As for the second.. AFTER

As I began to eat I was feeling fully present in the moment, noticing each sensation of the broth or food with each bite.

It was with each bite I was engaged in the mindfullness of eating and making my choice.

How to eat, When to eat, What to eat.

Listening to my body as I chose the how, when, and what. And the body spoke back

I am now more mindful of my emotions when I am eating…. in other words seeing the trigger that is pushing me to eat…. is it the mind? Is the timing of the day? Or am I truly hungry?

A profound respect is being created to what I ADD to my body, my cells, my DNA

I welcome the food to be part of me and not rush through a meal, much like inviting a guest to stay with gratitude.

Even as I breathe I am more mindful of the nature of the breath and the quality of it.

As I walk around I am more attentive to my stride and feeling the foot touch the ground as I step forward.

I am quieter.

I am listening more and paying more attention to when to speak in a conversation and when to hold space.

I am more willing to feel into the moment than rush in and step into to argument that is the nature of the mind to take over and spew its verbal diahorrea.

I feel more alive than I was before.

More inspired than before.

My senses remind me that they are an extension of the body that I reside in

I embody this physical form now with increasing ease and grace.

I am more attune to the pause in between the moments and allow wisdom to flow.

Few will ever realize this feeling

Fewer yet will understand this profound state

Fewer still have ever experienced this state of expansiveness.

For to know anything, it must be experienced.

Next part of the series will be the benefits of the Fasting experience, what we know through science.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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  1. I appreciate this time in my day. My gratitude to you for your insight to meditate with.

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