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Path of fasting #4

My path of Fasting #4

So Day 12 Right after my powerful integration of my past, my hunger returned ! This was the sign I was waiting for, as my body informs me that the transformation at this level is complete. There was this undeniable hunger that had been absent in so many days.

The peristalsis action of my gut started, saliva returned and my vision sharpened even more. My evolutionary DNA knew the next step. The Surge of catecholamines began as if prior to an anticipated race or a test.

I went about my day with an amazing feeling of calm and then in the evening was blessed to have a vegetable broth prepared by my wife with spinach, onions, tomatoes, celery no salt or spices. Drank half a cup sparingly. Was completely satiated.

As I was about to eat my first morsel of food in so many days I was overcome with a deep sense of gratitude for this food.

Not from a space of fear of starvation as many would assume but more from a profound inner space of calm and resolve.

As I bring this path of fasting to a close having trusted and allowed my body to perform its innate functions of healing and restoration, I am in gratitude for the years of memories that have been held in my cells to keep me safe and secure.

A deep respect emerges for my body as I discover that it is a divine temple to be kept sacred and not desecrated as I had for years through lack of balanced exercise or nutritional indulgences of sugar, caffeine, alcohol, inflammatory and toxic foods due to my emotional and MIND imbalances.

A greater level of awareness to understand food as medicine, food as connection, food as a part of very DNA comes alive

I am immensely grateful to my wife, Nitika Bhatnagar who tolerates my continuous lifestyle modification experiments and my son who kept encouraging me.

I love you

Beyond grateful to Preston Palmer who was subject to my incessant questions as I was on this endeavor. Appreciate your guidance and hope to cultivate this open heart connection as a lifetime of friendship

I love you

I am humbled by the amount of support I have received from friends and family in person and on social media. Your energy and encouragement knows no bounds.

I love you

I am even more grateful for all the naysayers who tempted me to stop, give up or thought I was a fool. Your words helped me to realize your continued love and concern expressed in your own way and challenged me to stay the course. You fueled me to explore my inquiry and contemplate my why, and strengthen my resolve. You taught me that your words came from your own space of fear and were not my own and to see the difference.

I love you

I am deeply in gratitude for the universe to have allowed me this opportunity to experience the depths of my soul and this path to show me what I can overcome and accomplish.

Had I not undertaken this endeavor of self exploration I would have missed out on witnessing this magnificent in built mechanism of cellular cleansing and been subject to the chains and bonding that would have kept me back from my next quantum jump.
I love you

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