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12 12 gateway full moon

12: 12 gateway

A powerful cosmic convergence occurs in this moment. It is not only dec 12 ( 12,12) but also 2019 ( 12) so essentially a triple activation of 12,12,12.

Riding on the coat tails of a powerful moon no less, is this potent portal gateway.

12: 12 has been studied in numerous religions as a sacred symbol of the portal between physical and non physical realms.

It is a zero point of energy that acts as a gateway of choice .

It allows the frequency of transformation of intention, vision, design, into a pushy a reality.

This is a more profound alchemy rather than the typical full moons that can help personal growth.

This is transformation on a planetary scale. Ushering in the age of divinity with grace and gratitude.

Our human DNA uses phonic light from the zero point energy of our galactic center as a feedback mechanism to upgrade our spiritual bodies by transferring light as particle waves as oscillating frequencies that assist us in our quantum entanglements.

This stream of energetic information replenishes us at the fundamental cellular level allowing healing, and activating source codes and templates that not only fuels our mind, but our physical body and our spiritual bodies as well.

We are living conduits of light.

Through these upgrades and mindset breakthroughs we expand, express and manifest in ever higher octaves of light.

To help you with this process on this special rare day I have created a potent invocation to help you.

Repeat 3 x

” I am the Light that I seek

I enter this energetic portal with Love

I allow my self to sever any chords that continue to do me harm

I release myself and others from any contracts that no longer serve in this lifetime

I allow myself to be released from wounds, old programming and beliefs from this lifetime and all lifetimes.

I allow the divine Source light to fill my Merkabic fields

I allow this light to nourish and replenish

I am complete and whole.

I am Love and Light. ”

With Blessings of Love, Light and Wisdom.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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