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Do what you love

“If you always DO what you have always DONE , then you will always GET what you have always HAD.”

Or something along those lines, is how that old adage goes.

This totally applies if I am not doing anything of any significant value or meaningful towards meeting a goal. As many affirmations come along to help us get up from our butts and change our habits, this affirmation seems to do the trick to change the habits and “better ourselves.” Yet this implies a need to change a habit if we wish to launch and replace it with a stronger desirable habit to get us going towards a more meaningful purpose.

Yet What if what we are doing is already goal oriented, and meaningful and purposeful?

Then dont change the habit that is getting you to do what you love to do. Perhaps refine it, but augment it.

In that case if you always do what you have always done, then you will get what you have always had. In other words more success. SO if you have always studied, read and learned from a vast array of sources and excelled at greater awareness and being able to help more people, then keep doing that habitual reading, learning, studying by all means. You will get to help more people with your success.

If you have had a healthy diet and exercise regime with focus and drive in your workouts, then certainly keep doing what you have always done to continue that successful route.

Old recipes do work

Old habits forged with good intentions are long lasting and are in congruency to our highest value goals in life and connected to our vision of who we are and unleashing our full potential unto this world.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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