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Suppering each other

Why are there so many relationship issues between couples ?

We all live based on our own personal unique set of values or priorities. We do nothing that is not supporting these values. Yet when we are too humble to admit that which is in the other person is within us we subordinate to them. When we are too proud to admit that which is in the other person is also within us we become narcissistic.

When this imbalance occurs we try to have others live within our values and then when that does not work out we become resentful towards them and believe that things were not meant to be. When we inject their values within us and try to live for someone else we are not being congruent to ourselves and when that does not work out we have the same result and feel resentful of the relationship.

Expectations that are based on the values of others is a sure recipe for disaster as we then tend to fall into living a fantasy that is not of our own creation. It is these very expectations that remain ungrounded that lead to the imbalances that lead to the miscommunication and eventual collapse of the relationship not due to a lack of love but a lack of communication, that is truly directed from the heart.

Looking for perfection in a partner is akin to searching for the unsubstantiated expectations that may hold us in the fantasy. The universe has a remarkable way of bringing us back to balance when troubles arise. Think of this as ” cosmic law ” enforcement when we choose not to govern ourselves, we then get governed from the outside.

When we choose to see both sides of our partner we are able to achieve not perfection but a balanced state of grace and unconditional love towards ourselves and the other person. That balance is the perfection we seek.
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Author: Brown Knight

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