Revelations in last night’s meditations

“In my vulnerability I surrender to what is
In my confusion I beget my clarity
As my world falls apart, I find the building blocks of life

In the playground of my mind I am lost
In the halls of my dreams I am free
In the corridors of my reality I was a prisoner, but now no more

When I could not find the light
I came upon the wonder of mySelf
I was the Light

It is in the giving of my heart, that I find the love that was always there
It is accepted with gentle kindness and graciousness
It is reciprocated infinite fold with unconditional love

My unknowing of tomorrow reveals the certainty of today,
In the sorrow of my chaos I hear a voice that speaks
” I am here, What you have sought is me”

I arise from the ashes of my past
I create my future through my choice
I am at last in the presence of my light

In my tears, I feel gratitude
In the awakening of my heart I see Me and the Cosmic order
We are not apart, we are One

I am that I am
I am Light
I am Love “.

-Dr Nitin Bhatnagar
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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