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Action steps

We all have some kind of plan in life.

We want to be something more than we are.

It is in our DNA to want to evolve.

Yet the difference between those who make it big in life and those that dont are clear action steps.

We can have a vision, and as long as we are willing to mitigate the risks and the challenges and see the vision come to pass, there is no reason why we cannot succeed.

If we are held back by the excuses then we will end up where we have always been and not explore new heights or places. If we are held back by our excuses, then we will always get what we have always received. If we are held back by our excuses we will always remain stuck, uninspired and disempowered.

The vision comes to pass when we can see it in all its forms and create action steps.

Have a plan.

Today’s plan.

One week, one month, 3 month, 6month, 1 year, 3 year, 5 year 10 year plan.

Keep revisiting the plan, and see if you are moving forward.

If not and it appears too large a task each day then tweak it and reduce what you need to do to make that plan fulfilled. If it is not be completed in a step wise format find out why. Either not spending time doing high priority actions steps towards the goal or filling too much time with low priority distractions. Remodify it.

If you do not fill your day with actions steps of your choosing, then someone ( boss, family life etc) will fill it with meaningless steps. Nature abhors a vacuum.

ACTion steps are key to make that vision that you thought out, saw and spoke about to come to pass.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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