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Rescuing the world

I choose NOT to rescue the world.

I choose to serve the world.

It is easy to see suffering and rush to pull someone out of it. It is easy to see an upcoming tough situation and then stop someone from experiencing it, in a valiant effort to rescue the imagined pain.

Yet we do not know how that circumstance presently or in the future may actually help and serve that person to learn, to grow, to become.

We often rescue another as we try to rescue ourselves from an emotion of a future perceived “threat” or a challenge as we too imagine our reactions that we may face in those circumstances or from a memory of a difficult encounter or experience.

Yet I would invite you to explore the possibilities of holding space for someone in their challenging times, and not to rescue them. It is an instinct to rescue as we may not choose to explore our own vulnerabilities and how that might show up.

When we rescue another we are actually trying to rescue ourselves. Yet it is in holding space and realizing this difference we end up serving them. Service to the world means to help the world from a space of unconditional love and grace, and not from a place of fear or judgment.

Sometimes when we serve the world we serve ourselves with love.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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