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Why do we hurt ?

Why do people hurt others?

We can create all sorts of debates to understand this timeless and time tested issue of human behavior. We can say that it is their own wounds of their mind and psyche that bring a father to beat his child or a mother to abuse hers. We can make up all sorts of excuses as to why the anger and hatred of one self is the catalyst to harm another human.

We can go on reciting all the literature and the statistics of human traits and behaviors and blame society and life circumstances for these atrocities of harm such as murder, rape, abuse etc. yet we do not come any closer to stopping it without more people becoming aware of the situations and circumstances that transpire and so greater alertness surfaces, in all walks of life.

No one is beyond approach for abuse. We all do it in some way. Physical, emotional , mental, verbal, sexual, psychological, religious etc etc. The list goes on. Why? Because we are human expressing all forms of experience, the good as well as the bad to understand both. That is the nature of free will.

When we abuse another, we are literally disempowering another individual and in doing so rob them of their energy and make it our own. The “how “we do it is as important as the “why “we do it. On some level it energizes us. It gives us wild focus in our rage and fit of anger to hurt someone else. But wait, when we are angry or screaming are we not unfocussed and mindless ? Quite the contrary. The state of anger and the act of beating, abusing other creatures ( animals and humans) brings us in touch with our darkness through focus.

The act of abusing gives us the exercise in motion that our bodies need to keep going. ( another outlet may be to exercise via running, swimming, going to a gym etc. that may keep the body moving and not in a state of static hold in need of release against the innocent lives…. just saying).

WE can criticize people for abusing and harming or hurting others. That is our judgement. Yet till we recognize that we have also had those same thoughts on some level in a fit of rage, we wont be able to one day stop ourselves from committing an unspeakable act. Abuse, it is a human trait. Plain and simple. We all have done it. It is part of our DNA experiencing itself.

We cannot have a world without expression of abuse as the opposite of abuse through the traits of kindness, caring and compassion must also exist, and no trait exists without its opposite.

Own it. Be free.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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