” If you don’t focus on something, it wont expand.” says my Crossfit Coach Paul lentini to me during one of our heart to heart moments of my self deprecating and reevaluating my life moments after a horrible workout !!

The Sensei instruction went on. If you do not focus on strength training then the muscle wont grow to become stronger. If you do not focus on suffering through the workout and pushing till the end the body does not adapt or grow.

This nugget of wisdom shifted my thinking. It was all about how it was worded.


If you do NOT focus on something it will NOT expand.

I am usually so focussed on goals and tasks that I expect and try to achieve to expand that I forget areas that will NOT expand if I do NOT focus on them. This actually helped me now to reword many things in my life that I wanted to focus on but could not make the tasks come to complete fruition. The subtle rewording and thereby refocus on areas that were previously neglected actually boosted my efficiency and productivity.

Thoughts, words and actions are all the pathways to manifesting the reality of choice. So I now will focus on things I want to expand on, and also be aware of the things that I have NOT been focussing on that I desire and bring attention and rectify their lack of expansion.

Thanks coach.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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