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Remember that NOT choosing is a choice in itself.

It is great when choosing to NOT to do something that can bring you or others harm, such as staying in a toxic relationship, or consuming excess alcohol or drugs that lead to addiction.

Yet is not so great when choosing NOT to take action when you see injustice towards others. Worse yet when choosing NOT to take the steps to discovering your own inner light or taking action to living an on purpose life.

It is not so great when we do not stop ourselves from addictive behaviors or when we ignore our warning intuition to make us shift and choose to remain where we are.

Being stuck in life is a choice just as much as it is a choice NOT to make changes and shift.

Perception, decision and action are the only things in life that we can control. It is a choice to seize the day and it is a choice NOT to.

I try to take the former option. You?
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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