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Love deeper

My friend Dave Garrison inspired me when he started posting “#livingdeeply ” on some of his posts recently. It is a good reminder to be able to live from the heart and not from our wounds. To live connected rather than be separated. To hold space for each other not just in time of need but in time. To be able to listen to the inner voice that calls out to be heard.

Yet I went a little deeper when I listened to my own voice and this is what I came up with….. ” #loving deeper”

It is when I heard the cries of pain and suffering of my mind did the wounds heal from the heart with love. It is when I chose to see myself in my vulnerability the embrace of love was there to hold me. It is when I chose to speak up authentically, the magic of love was there to receive and amplify my words. It is when I chose to love myself completely as I was and not as I thought I should be, did the heart space open up and connect to the universal mind of intention.

When we think, feel, see and act from this space of unconditional love, do we truly become our purpose and Highest Self with gratitude and wisdom. It is in this space that we hold the true glimpse of the infinite powerful universe in the palm of our hands. It is from this space that we create the reality of our hearts and manifest our vision and mission.

It is through first living our truth and then loving our truth that we hold the sacredness of life with gratitude.

I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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